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I'm James Fox 

Coach and Mentor 
If real change was easy, you could do it on your own. 
The first step is to seek help from a coach or mentor,
one who has actually experienced it.                

Transform Your Life And Business

From The Inside Out!   

I help individuals, executives, and business owners experience real transformative change, reach their full potential and, achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

For many, the field of psychology is shrouded in mystery and approached with a degree of trepidation. Yet, in essence, it is no more than an aggregate of disciplined approaches to understanding the true nature of why we are who we are and why we do the things we do, sometimes against our own better judgement.


As a professional coach and mentor, I carefully apply a Jungian lens through which to clarify both personal and collective challenges, and in turn, facilitate much improved outcomes. This applies to organizations as much as individuals


When we can actually choose how to respond, rather than simply react, we open the door to changing our experience of our personal and work life.


The journey of transformation starts with understanding what is going on under the surface, then learning how new approaches produce new results. This is an affirming process which evolves from a positive one-of experience into long-term sustainable change. 

Rather than rely on "quick fixes" that only engender superficial and short-lived results, I believe that we can collaborate to arrive at a point of mutual authenticity and deal effectively with what is in front of us then we must be authentic in ourselves, individually and collectively. Freeing ourselves from illusory strategies and unconscious game-playing can be hard work but the rewards are well worth it.

Psychology of  Lasting Change 

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Professional Coaching

It's an increasingly complex world with an ever-wider range of individuals with different mindsets, agendas, and wildly varying cultural perspectives. To help navigate this ever changing landscape, we provide transformative coaching and mentoring programs tailored to each clients needs. Each program is designed to confidently navigate challenges and achieve objectives. Our executive-leadership coaching focuses on what consistently drives performance, helping you achieve measurable results, positive and lasting change.

Trusted to deliver outstanding results!

Our proven whole person coaching and mentoring methods are grounded in analytical psychology, universal truths about human nature and 35 years of Personal and Professional Development. 

I was new to coaching and mentoring so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Jimmy helped me to uncover and transform the unconscious barriers

I had to my own success.  I found his whole-person approach to be a  tremendous benefit to my business development and my personal life. 

Steven Bauer, Business Owner

I know very few people with the same level of dedication towards
helping others, resolve in finding solutions, and commitment towards
learning new approaches than James Fox. 
More than a fantastic coach, he's a great human being.

Peter A Eng, Ph.D

Whether you’re making an important life or work transition, tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed, or just ready to finally achieve real and meaningful change, we're here to help.

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Ready... for real change you can believe in ?

I am deeply respectful of each human being. I use the power of human

connection to change how people see and how they feel about themselves. My approach is holistic and integrative.I draw from the depths of my personal experience, insights from depth psychology and universal truths about human nature. 

My promise is by working together we will achieve sustainable change and positive results!   

Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will consider it fate.

- Carl Gustav Jung

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