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I'm James Fox

Hey there,

Transformational Coach Practitioner 
                   Personal Mentor

explore the life you live!

Are you satisfied with your life?
What if greater success and fulfillment are possible?
Limiting beliefs, self-defeating patterns, conflicting priorities, and an unclear vision
are challenges we all face. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
We work with individuals, executives and business owners to deliver real transformative change,
reach their full potential, achieve professional fulfillment and lasting personalized transformation

Transforming lives... changing business 


Whether you’re making an important life or work transition, your business, or organization is in need of help to stay relevant, and thrive in today's business climate, our effective coaching solutions for transformative change can help create the future you envision. 
Our proven coaching methods and solutions are based in psychology and universal truths about human nature that help change attitudes, and deliver measurable, lasting changes in performance.

Life Is a series of highs and lows,

wins, losses and opportunities.  

In a world full of coaches and consultants who make claims that are rarely met, my approach to helping people, teams, and organizations perform to their fullest potential is conceptually distinct and worthwhile. To make a profound shift, you need a deeper level of inquiry. In that case, I may be the right coach for you?
I may be the right coach for you.
Why not book an initial conversation to find out?
Honest Human Connections - Meaningful Conversations - Lasting Results
    My promise to clients is that, by working together, we will achieve sustainable change 
             and positive results. And in my world, a promise made is a promise kept

    Absolutely No Obligation

As a professional coach, I carefully apply a Jungian lens through which to clarify both personal and collective challenges, and in turn, facilitate much-improved outcomes. Whether an individual or organization, you can learn to meet challenges thoughtfully rather than reactively. Enhanced awareness and purpose transforms personal and work-life.          

There's a crack in everything,  

thanks how the light gets in!

-Leonard Cohen

" If real change was easy, you could do it on your own.
  Having a  coach or a mentor who has actually experienced it, is essential."
 What others have said ...
I know very few people with the same level of dedication towards helping others, resolve in finding solutions, and commitment towards learning new approaches than James Fox. 
More than a fantastic coach, he's a great human being.

Peter A Eng  Ph.D

I was new to coaching and so I wasn't sure what to expect. James helped me to uncover and transform the unconscious barriers I had to my own success.  I found his whole-person approach to be a  tremendous benefit to my business development and my personal life. 

Steven Bauer  -  Business Owner

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