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Transformational Coach - Mentor.  
It’s my mission to make your coaching experience as valuable as possible.

I offer individual coaching sessions for those interested in exploring the deeper patterns of their experience in service to personal development and meaningful change in their lives. The work I do seeks to guide you on the path of inner reflection and goal-oriented action that is aligned with your values and strengths.  This work benefits most from an ongoing relationship that develops naturally over time. 

My Personal Story
Life Is a series of highs and lows, wins, losses and opportunities.  
I may have enjoyed great successes in my life but most were borne through a veil of painful disappointments, personal demons, financial failure, oppression based on ethnicity and social-economic status, and the heartbreak of failed relationships. I have experienced periods of personal despair when I felt so low for so long, it seemed as if nothing would ever change. 
The twists and turns of my journey had led me to the personal exploration of Zen Buddhism, mindfulness, humanism, and analytical psychology. Ultimately, I found my inner capacity to fight back, start over, persevere, and make my dreams come true. I attained multiple certifications in these areas and today, empowering people is my life’s passion. To this extent, I’ve counseled addicts in recovery, mentored managers and interns in business and life, and helped many through different stages of relationships. 
My unique approach to coaching is not one that force-feeds smug and predetermined solutions. Rather my strategy is that of co-creation with clients whereby I assist them in looking within themselves to find the answers and the power that comes with deeper self-understanding. There is no one-size-fits-all program, but revelations uncovered from a client's conscious and unconscious personal narrative will birth a truly customized approach. In other words, the understanding of a client's personal experiences through a carefully crafted lens will challenge possibilities and yield deep insight. A re-invigorated sense of purpose will then reveal itself that enables business opportunities to be harvested and personal goals to be met.
Life is a teacher like no other, but its lessons are easily obscured by the emotions of the moment. Insight from an intimate understanding of where we have been is the surest path. This can be gleaned through the integration of your self-determination and my commitment of tireless coaching support. Getting started is simply summoning the courage to take the first step.
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