Executive and Leadership Coaching    
We partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.


Our psychodynamic approach to leadership development and executive coaching takes a comprehensive look at your rational, emotional, intuitive as well as your perceptive nature. By developing deep self-awareness, we'll identify not only strengths but also weaknesses that have been holding you back. With our professional assistance, we first access where you are, and then chart a course to take you where you want to go. Then we'll provide emotional tools to help you reach your maximum potential.


  • A greater understanding of yourself, your management/ leadership style and its effectiveness.

  • Skills and knowledge in areas that have the highest impact in your role, your professional development and for your organization.

  • Support in navigating the complexity of people and organizations.

  • Confidence and capability to be their best at work and to do their best work.

  • Skills to develop capacity as a leader and to build the capacity of their teams in a sustainable way.

  • An understanding of coaching psychology, participatory methods of change and strategic organizational development approaches.

 Benefits of Leadership Coaching 

We develop your leadership capacity
 Executive Coaching 
Executive coaching is a flexible process that can vary over time. It is designed to accommodate the needs of the busy executive who has constantly changing demands. The primary elements of a successful executive coaching relationship include :

  • Being more influential and effective in your role.

  • Developing a strategic perspective on challenges facing your team or organization and the ability to identify opportunities.

  • Learn to manage change and emerging needs with less anxiety.

  • Develop your understanding and working relationship with what is within your control, your influence and concern.

  • Develop stress management, resilience and organizational skills

  How we work with you

  • We meet for a number of individual ( virtual or in-person ) and (or) group coaching sessions addressing pressing issues and developing strategic approach to a more effective leadership style.

  • Together to co-design an effective approach that is unique to you and your personality.

  • We identify how you can use who you are in a way that gives your leadership the edge and works for you.

  • Recommended reading and development between coaching sessions.

  • Practical changes to be applied immediately to current challenges.

  • Everything is 100% confidential, from the free consultation to everything beyond.



Our coaching fees

Our Individual executive and leadership coaching sessions begin at $220 for 90 minutes. We also have a

12-month program with additional program benefits that supports sustainable outcomes, costs $295 per month.


To enquire about our group prices please fill out the Contact Us form and we'll get back to you asap.

   " To be truly in touch with who you are is the essence of personal power."
     James Fox
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