Leadership Coaching  
Becoming your best begins with deeper self-awareness

Even successful people reach a point in the complexity of their personal and professional lives where they hunger for a new direction and purpose. It takes more than wishing and hoping. With our professional assistance, we first access where you are, and then chart a course to take you where you want to go.


Life is a process of discovery and our approach to coaching takes a comprehensive look at your rational, emotional, intuitive as well as your perceptive nature. By developing deep self-awareness, we'll identify not only strengths but also weaknesses that have been holding you back. Then we'll provide emotional tools to help you reach your maximum potential.

The rewards of our psychodynamic coaching methods are remarkable — thanks to a one-on-one process that engages thinking, feeling, perception, and intuition. Leaders will challenge themselves, achieve higher insight, and accomplish deeds that once seemed far beyond their reach.

Professional development is a journey of self-discovery to define who you are, what your purpose is, and then quantify your potential. Our goal is for you to tackle your career with a greater sense of confidence after confronting and overcoming fears

and anxieties. Getting in touch with your true inner self sets you free, and makes the impossible possible.

We call this transformational learning. 

We work as a partner in your success

We develop your leadership capacity. 


  • A greater understanding of yourself, your management/ leadership style and its effectiveness.

  • Skills and knowledge in areas that have the highest impact in your role, your professional development and for your organization.

  • Support in navigating the complexity of people and organizations.

  • Confidence and capability to be their best at work and to do their best work.

  • Skills to develop capacity as a leader and to build the capacity of their teams in a sustainable way.

  • An understanding of coaching psychology, participatory methods of change and strategic organizational development approaches.

 What you will gain 


  • Developing your approach to leading and managing people

  • Being more influential and effective in your management style.

  • Developing a strategic perspective on challenges and the ability to identify opportunities.

  • Learn to manage change and emerging needs with less anxiety.

  • Develop your understanding and working relationship with whatis within your control, your influence and concern.

  • Developing insight into management and leadership methodology as well as organizational development and coaching psychology.

  • Developing stress management and organizational skillsets.

How we work with you

We meet for a number of individual and (or) group coaching sessions addressing pressing issues and developing strategic approach to a more effective leadership style.

Together to co-design an effective approach that is unique to you and your personality.

We identify how you can use who you are in a way that gives your leadership the edge and works for you.

Recommended reading and development between coaching sessions.

Practical changes to be applied immediately to current challenges.

Everything is 100% confidential, from the free consultation to everything beyond.



Our coaching fees

Our individual one on one leadership coaching sessions begins at $220. We also have a 12 month program with all the additional program benefits that supports sustainable outcomes costs $295 per month.


To enquire about  our group prices click on the Contact US button below. 

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While we provide resources and share best practices for success, our coaching sessions are geared toward increasing our clients’ self-awareness through a process that enables them to reach conclusions and make decisions as opposed to having a consultant make such decisions for them.

   " To be truly in touch with who you are is the essence of personal power."
     James Fox

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