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Many people are still where they are because they are afraid to take risks. They are afraid to fail. So, they’d rather play it safe because they don’t want to be laughed at. The trouble is, you’re almost certainly losing out on some of the good things life could be offering you. James Fox has been a life coach in Washington DC for many years, and through Momentive Coaching programs, can enable you to conquer your fears and live your best life.      

We don’t just offer empty motivational speeches or pats on the back. We offer a greater level of personal development through comprehensive career coaching, one that isn’t always easy, but offers great satisfaction in all areas of life.                          
The late boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, once said you can’t accomplish anything if you don’t take risks. He is right. Every achievement comes with a risk. So, if you want to achieve your dreams, you should be ready to take risks. We will all experience our fair share of failure because every successful man or woman has encountered failure in their quest for success. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company, and Michael Jordan was rejected from his high school basketball team. Even the very wealthy and famous have to overcome defeat and humiliation. 

If you do fail, the people who love you will support and encourage you to try again. So, instead of wasting your time on the naysayers, leverage the support of your loved ones. That human connection, that power to change perspective, is at the center of our philosophy.                         

To conclude, at Momentive Coaching, we believe that no one is a failure for life. Together, we can develop a plan to shoot for your goals and support it with hard work and great career coaching. If you’re looking for a life coach near me, please contact us.  


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