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Momentive methodology operates simultaneously on four planes,
separate  but also interdependent:     

On a rational level, bringing awareness of the obsolete and redundant patterns in our lives that don't enhance but hinder us.

On a perceptive level, empowered by self -

knowledge, individuals can be strengthened by 

their own unique authenticity. 

On an intuitive level, our goal is unleashing personal development seen in creativity, imagination and rekindled spirit.    

On an emotional level, a conscious effort to

reconcile the spontaneous with the intellectual 

insight that balances our true selves. 

Multiple disciplines unlocking human potential 

Momentive's coaching for life and leadership brings a new vision to transformational coaching that enables clients to develop an optimum level of self-awareness and move beyond previously maladaptive and reflexive ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. Through new practices relating to conscious growth frameworks, areas of resistance are brought to light and new leadership skills are developed that take career and life to the next level.


We deeply appreciate the participatory elements embedded in positive change, and use the power of human connection to make profound differences in how we live and work. Grounded in analytical psychology, universal truths about human nature, and 35 years of personal and professional development, our approach is holistic and integrative.

Circle of people interconnected by red c
A strong seedling growing in the center
We take a deeper, holistic approach
to transform the whole person


Therefore, to help our clients achieve real sustained change, we employ insights from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, behavioral science, and mindful practices. In addition, our psychodynamic approach incorporates an array of psychoanalytical interventions focusing on the unconscious and its influences on human behavior.

The solutions we reach are neither pre-programmed nor pre-packaged. A journey of self-discovery should never be inhibited or limited to fixed beliefs about character, personality, or emotional intelligence. By asking questions that engender a deeper self-reflection, insights into how our own unconscious processes and emotional influences interplay with those of others become apparent, and positive behavioral changes will naturally follow. We focus on the present, reconnecting with the inner-self to discover the client's true potential for growth. Learning is a here-and-now experience.

Momentive can take you from feeling stuck to being free.

Self-awareness is essential to being a successful leader!
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