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You Can Get Through A Difficult Transition With Leadership Courses and Development

A stressful new job, a loss in the family, or a personal separation can be greatly disruptive to your life. In times like this, it can really benefit you to seek out help. James Fox of Momentive Coaching is here to provide that help, backed by 35 years of personal and professional development. As a transformational life coach, he focuses not on “quick fixes”, but on real, lasting solutions that make life easier to navigate.

Everything in our leadership courses and coaching program goes back to the psychology of lasting change, which uses a Jungian lens to get at the true nature of why you are who you are, and why you do the things you do- even if you know better sometimes. When you choose how to respond, rather than just react, you open the door to changing how you experience your personal and work life. 

Our work starts with this premise and uses your input to get the best possible results. The more of yourself you put into this personal growth and development, the happier you can be. Reach out today to hear what Momentive can offer you.    


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